MINI X Morag Myerscough – Spreading Big Love By Design.


Multi-award winning artist Morag Myerscough exudes positivity. Spend a couple minutes with her and her ever-present canine companion Elvis, or staring at one of her vibrant pieces and it’s clear that she lives by the joyful philosophy infused in her work.

The MINI design journey with Morag started at the London Design Festival 2023 with a lively collaboration. The festival, a celebration of London as the design capital of the world was attended by MINI firstly as an automotive partner, but just as importantly as a part of Morag Myerscough’s project celebrating “an aspirational, magical and a possible future for the city.”

It was the first project together, and right from the start, it was clear that MINI and Morag vibe on the same wavelength, both enjoying the process of creating positivity by transforming a small idea into something with a big impact.
Thumbnail of Morag Myerscough’s illustration for a wall for the London Design Festival.

Nice to Meet You Again.

Morag’s energetic installation at the festival, aptly called “Nice to Meet you Again” was a visual feast, blending her striking geometric shapes, vivid colours and all-round positive vibes with a bit of a MINI spark – featuring our new MINI Countryman and the all-electric MINI Cooper. Her mission? To craft a sensory journey into the electric future where cars, nature and people exist in a harmonious environment. Sounds a lot like something MINI has been working on too, right?

But who is Morag Myerscough, you ask?

More than just a designer, artist, and creator, she’s a master of making people smile. Someone who’s all about spreading positivity and throwing in a fresh perspective on community and inclusivity for good measure. That’s why her collaboration with MINI feels like the perfect match, because it’s not just about design – it’s about creating joy through design.
Morag Myerscough at her work space.

Morag’s creative journey started in London – she’s a Londoner through and through, and proudly carries her diverse upbringing. Her roots trace back to a blend of influences from her Scottish mother, French grandmother, and German great-grandmother, complemented by the bohemian spirit of her musician father and uncle, with a touch of artistic flair from her textile artist mother. To top it all off, there was even a clown in the family – her great grandfather! A vibrant upbringing that makes it no surprise that Morag found herself on a road towards creativity. Along the way, she took her formal training at Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, and references Pop Art as a major influence. The result? Her trademark style that pulsates with an uplifting energy.

The Bliss of Belonging.

Her philosophy is all about creating happiness and a sense of belonging. “Because I had such an unusual family, it took me a very long time to find my place in the world. Now my work is mainly about finding a way to cultivate a sense of belonging in new communities and create an environment that brings joy. That’s very important to me.” Every experience Morag creates is designed to feel inclusive, and it makes it feel like everyone’s invited to the celebration, no matter their background.

That philosophy based around creating happiness and belonging, is just like the secret sauce that flavours MINI’s BIG LOVE mindset. It’s all about spreading good vibes, creating an inclusive community, and making the world a better place through collaborations that champion sustainability and diversity. “If you choose a tribe and you feel like you belong, then that’s incredible. In the MINI community, owners love their cars and if they see someone in another MINI, they give them a wave. This was the way in the past and MINI still has that energy. That’s the true strength of the brand, everybody feels like they’re a part of something. I really align with that and think it’s fantastic.” Whether you identify with MINI’s community or one that’s the focus of Morag’s work, it’s that feeling of inclusivity that really spreads BIG LOVE.

And guess what? Morag and MINI’s relationship started as a personal journey with love at first drive. “I just always loved a MINI; they were so cool. My first car was a Classic Mini, and it was my absolute favourite thing.” Perhaps it’s not too much of stretch then to say that in a small way her Classic Mini, with all its quirky charm, may have added a dash of fuel to Morag’s infectious positivity.

Today though MINI and Morag find common ground not only in creating a sense of community but in looking towards a future of sustainability. Her electrifying piece at London Design Festival reimagines what our cities could be like if we all aspired to creating a greener more positive environment: “It was essentially a cityscape where plants and buildings are equal, it’s something that came from my heart, a narrative between MINI and me.” Of course, sustainability is something MINI is working towards too, shifting to creating a culture of eco consciousness with BIG LOVE and on a bigger scale with electrification.
Morag Myerscough and her team working on the hallway of the MINI Headquarter in Munich, Germany.

In a Good Space.

MINI wanted to capture a bit of that Morag magic a little closer to home and so the project to transform the workspace at MINI headquarters in Munich sparked into action. Who wouldn’t want a little extra buzz and good vibes to help take MINI into their own electric future right?
Thumbnail of Morag Myerscough’s illustration for a wall in the MINI Headquarter in Munich, Germany.

After all, “a beautiful space for people to be in can be a catalyst to change their attitudes and create a positive outlook.”

It’s another area where MINI and Morag see eye to eye, so she went about transforming the workspace with a cross section of the London Design Week piece. And while the new design at MINI carries over the important sustainability message from the original experience, it also has the simple effect of putting everyone in a good space both physically and mentally. In her words “It’s about bringing colour and uplifting people in their work environment. It’s as simple as that, it’s about making people feel like they’re valued and that there’s been care taken in their workspace.”

That’s the beauty of Morag’s unique way of spreading BIG LOVE, there’s an important and meaningful message behind her work, but it’s also brilliant at giving you that intangible buzz, a jolt of happiness and positivity you can’t deny. It’s fun, it’s infectious and you can’t help but get onboard and enjoy the ride. Now everyone working at MINI gets to experience that uplifting feeling every day, and the hope is that you will too through in their work.

As Morag says: “When you go into the making of a project, and you’ve had a joyful build, that resonates in the work. It’s a happier piece of work because everybody feels proud to have been a part of that.” What’s clear is that she loves an upbeat project, and so does MINI. It’s not just about the result; it’s about the journey. Whether it’s designing a MINI for the future or a vibrant cityscape, the goal is the same: create something that makes people smile.