MINI Electric Fleet

Largest MINI Cooper Electric order delivered in Europe: 140 units

delivery of electric mini coops

MINI had reasons to celebrate the other day, as the British company delivered no less than 140 cars to Deloitte, this being its largest electric car order for the company in Europe so far. According to MINI, Deloitte ordered the first 100 units back in August, last year, and that was a big deal back then too. Now, the company came back and asked for an additional 140 units to add to its electric fleet. At the moment, 26% of the employees working at Deloitte are driving electric cars.

“All our investments in sustainable mobility are part of Deloitte’s goal to be CO2 neutral by 2030. As our fleet accounts for 70% of our carbon footprint, every small and big step brings us closer to carbon neutrality. That’s why we launched a new mobility program in 2017. We have also been working successfully with MINI for many years and I am delighted that we are working with them to increase enthusiasm for electric cars at Deloitte. The fact that one in four new employees now chooses an electric car gives me full confidence that we are on the right track to make Deloitte a pioneer in sustainable mobility,” says Piet Vandendriessche, CEO of Deloitte Belgium

large delivery electric mini

In total, Deloitte has ordered 540 new MINIs since June this year. The growing popularity of electric cars at Deloitte goes hand in hand with the increasing demand for hybrid vehicles at the company. As of June 2021, electric and hybrid cars together account for 88% of all company cars ordered at Deloitte. This clearly shows that employees prefer sustainable alternatives to conventional cars with internal combustion engines.

In addition to purchasing electric cars, Deloitte is investing heavily in its electric vehicle infrastructure. For example, the Belgian office currently has 540 charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. At the moment, out of the 540 MINIs delivered to Deloitte since June, 240 of them have been purely electric models, marking a clear choice from the employees in this direction.