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2018 MINI Cooper: Small but Mighty

Published on February 28 2018

Ah, the MINI Cooper: Always a classic, always a good time. And the latest version of the classic Cooper is no exception. Over the years, we’ve seen the MINI grow, not only in size but in popularity, as parent company BMW make subtle improvements here and there to make it a well-rounded, functional and stylish ride.

While there are quite a few variations of MINI Cooper (from the long-roof Clubman to the full-size Countryman, the all-new 5-door), it’s the Cooper hatchback that’s the iconic model of the bunch, and the most recognizable. Since it’s relaunch into the North American market in 2002, MINI has maintained that always-recognizable MINI smile up front with the friendly round headlights and the large rounded front grille that’s instantly tagged as MINI no matter who spots it. 

And while this latest generation of MINI has grown every so slightly in size (width and length), it still maintains it’s four-corner wheel placement which helps it keep that go-kart style driving feel on the road, another feature MINI has become synonymous with.

This latest generation of 2018 MINI Cooper vehicles are all equipped with a turbocharged engine now, even in base trim. With a 1.3L turbocharged mill, a base MINI Cooper 3-door will produce 134 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque. When coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission (or the optional 6-speed automatic), the MINI Cooper is beyond fun to drive.  Quick, responsive, and easy to handle, the MINI Cooper is the ultimate driving hatchback, no matter the destination. It’s as at home in tight urban streets as it is on wide-open country roads.  

That iconic exterior look translates perfectly to the interior where signature MINI style still exists in the rounded middle stack design that features an illuminating ring to indicate RPM levels for gear changes, volume level, etc. Behind the steering wheel, the gauge cluster is also housed in rounded frames.

You can custom-order your MINI Cooper in so many different ways, it would seem there are no two alike on the road today. From special mirror decals to unique paint colours and hood stripes, you can truly make your MINI your own.

To find your perfect MINI Cooper match, head down to your local MINI Ottawa dealer today to speak to one of our experts, and you’ll definitely want to take this hot little hatch out for a test drive.

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