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MINI has published an uplifting statement acknowledging the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic. One that reflects the positivity of the #MINIGratitude campaigns on their social media. The message ...Read More

One of the most important things you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or the Coronavirus) is to disinfect any surface which has had contact with hands¹. COVID-19 has a protective coatin...Read More

We all know that washing your car regularly is important, but what about waxing it? Waxing your vehicle involves applying a think coat of wax to your paint, allowing it to harden slightly, and the...Read More

Cold weather and winter driving conditions can greatly reduce your fuel economy. Fuel economy statistics from state that a drop in temperature from 24°C to 7°C can increase fuel cons...Read More

We are still a ways away from seeing SE models on the roads. An official unveiling is expected to come later this summer, with production starting early 2020. Deliveries are expected in March of 2...Read More

Mini’s are well known for their unique look and sporty feel behind the wheel. They have their limitations, however, and that’s where the Clubman and Countryman come into play. These two models...Read More

Resale value is so important to consumers and car owners, and with good reason. Your vehicle’s resale value is the amount you get when you sell your vehicle later on.  As expected, we want it t...Read More

The MINI brand has built a large part of its aura and reputation by offering its owners a wide range of customization and personalization opportunities.With MINI genuine accessories, the only limi...Read More

There is virtually no other car on the market like the 2019 MINI Clubman. With its dynamic appearance, versatility and fuel-efficient and powerful engines, the new MINI Clubman is the perfect repr...Read More