5 Must Download Apps for Canadian EV Drivers in 2022

If we were to take a wild guess, it would be that you seldom leave your home without your smartphone. There is no question that our mobile devices are one of the most valuable and versatile tools in the modern era. They provide us endless entertainment, up-to-the-minute news, and most importantly– the overall ability to make our chaotic lives just a bit easier.

These devices are especially useful for those who drive an electric vehicle, particularly to help locate and facilitate battery charging via public stations when you’re ready for your next charge-up. If you live in Ontario (or almost anywhere for that matter), you know how important it is to find available charging nearby. We made you a list of some of the most practical and helpful smartphone apps for EV owners, available on both the Apple and Google Play app stores.


If you love to travel (or just hang out nearby), this is the must-have EV mobile app for you. This International application guides users to public charging locations around the globe. Stations are searchable by network, area, as well as the type of connection used to charge your vehicle. The app also specifies which locations require payment and which are currently in use by other drivers. In addition, it allows users to share and post images from the charging stations they visit and share their experiences with other users. The app also includes a trip planner that can help plot a course to a given destination based around active charging spots. If you’ve got a trip planned in the near future, this app is essential for all your EV charging needs.

2. EVgo

This app is like a multi-tool for EV drivers. The EVgo charging network has its own 1,050 DC fast chargers and its related app assists EV owners in locating them as well as allowing users to pay for the cost of charging via the app. Not only does it tell you where each charging station location is, but it also provides the real-time availability of nearby chargers and the charging status of your vehicle. Users can initiate a charge with a simple swipe of the phone, manage their accounts, and even contact customer service directly from the app.

3. ChargeHub

ChargeHub is a North American mobile app that can help find and plot a course to the nearest public charging stations, regardless of the network. It also offers users access to helpful EV resources and allows people to share their charging experiences at given locations with other EV owners. Not only that, but this tool also offers users a trip-planner, as well as easy to configure filters to display the connectors that are compatible with your vehicle. If you live in North America, this app is indispensable for EV owners.

4. ChargePoint

Do you use an L2 charging station at home? If it is a ChargePoint charger, this is the right EV app for you. This app works on all smart-devices and finds the nearest available units within the ChargePoint network of over 52,000 charging stations, as well as allowing users to browse for stations from other major networks. Searches can be filtered to only show units that specifically work with a user’s vehicle, and you can receive notifications when your car is done charging and a station becomes available. You can pay for charging with the tap of your finder and receive real-time updates regarding their vehicle’s status. The coolest part is that this app can be used to connect with and control your L2 ChargePoint home charging station as well.

5. EV Hotels

Consider this another essential app to have if you are constantly on the move. As the name would suggest, this international app helps EV drivers find and reserve lodging that offers charging facilities included in the hotel amenities. Both free public chargers and those limited to hotel guests are displayed, along with charger-port compatibility. You can even customize the distance you are willing to walk to an EV Charger from your hotel, so it takes away the guesswork. Wherever you are in the world, EV Hotels can help you determine the best place to stay and charge-up.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which EV mobile apps will work best to suit your personal needs and lifestyle. These may be our most recommended apps for EV drivers, but we would love to know what apps you are using. Share with us in the comments below which apps you would recommend to other EV drivers out there.