2021 MINI Lineup Marks A Return To Manual Transmission

The 2020 MINI models were an anomaly for the automobile brand due to a significant exclusion: manual transmission. Many consumers who advocated MINI for their commitment to stick-shifts in their vehicles lamented the transition to automatic gearboxes. However, MINI has taken this into account and confirmed that manual transmissions are going to be the standard for a portion of their 2021 lineup.

The 2021 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop are just a few of the next vehicles to include a stick

MINI Cooper S Manual Transmission

Two of MINI’s most popular vehicles, the Cooper and Cooper S Hardtop, will retain the manual transmission. These vehicles will have six-speed manual options in their 2021 revision. The John Cooper Works Hardtop, Cooper Convertible, and the MINI Cooper Sidewalk Edition will also have manual as the standard. There are some options that can be explored, such as the MINI Cooper Sidewalk Edition having a dual-clutch option that can shift gears automatically.

The MINI Manual Transmission will still be absent from some Clubman and Countryman vehicles

There will still be a variety of popular entries in the MINI brand which will retain an automatic transmission in the 2021 lineup. Most notably, while the 2021 Countryman and Clubman will have some form of a manual transmission, all 4-wheel-drive iterations will remain automatic. The 2021 MINI Cooper SE will also not have a gearshift, and the 2021 John Cooper Works’ GP and Convertible will only be available in automatic transmission.

Can’t wait for the future of MINI? Neither can we

Mini John Cooper GT

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